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Скриншоты Revival Selection


Resident Evil: Revival Selection официально анонсирована. Capcom опубликовали пресс-релиз (читайте ниже), а также несколько скриншотов, на которых представлено сравнение GameCube-версии и HD-версии Resident Evil 4.

Из интересного — анонсирована поддержка трофеев для PlayStation 3 и ачивментов для Xbox 360. Кроме того, Capcom собираются отметить юбилей релиза первой Resident Evil (22-го марта игре исполнилось 15 лет) не только выпуском Revival Selection, Revelations и Mercenaries 3D, но и другими сюрпризами для поклонников серии. Какими сюрпризами? Узнаете позже.

Официальный пресс-релиз:


London, UK — March 24, 2011 — To kick off the 15th anniversary of Resident Evil™, Capcom®, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games today announced that the highly acclaimed Resident Evil™4 and Resident Evil Code: Veronica™ X will be released as downloadable titles for the Xbox 360®video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. Scheduled for release this Autumn, both titles have been enhanced with upgraded visuals as they make their debut on high-definition consoles.

Resident Evil 4 , which received numerous “Game of the Year” awards when it debuted and currently stands as one of the best-reviewed games of all time with an incredible 96 ranking on MetaCritic, challenges you to experience it all over again with support for trophies and achievements along with the visual upgrades.

As Leon Kennedy, players will explore a town overrun by cultists, mutants and mind-controlled villagers as they unravel the mystery of Resident Evil 4. Also, this release will contain all the bonus content available in previous versions of Resident Evil 4, including the Separate Ways epilogue.

In Resident Evil Code: Veronica X, the year is 1998, three months since the total destruction of Raccoon City and Claire Redfield is still in search of her missing brother Chris. While investigating an Umbrella facility in Paris, Claire is captured and transported to the remote Rockfort Island, where she awaits her death.

Then an inexplicable air raid hits the island, and though this frees Claire, it also accidentally releases t-virus samples and B.O.W.s, which thrust Claire back into the world of survival horror once again. Claire teams up with a fellow inmate Steve Burnside, but insane island commander Alfred Ashford and his evil sister Alexia set their sights on ending the duo with their sick and demented games.

The Resident Evil franchise, which pioneered the horror genre in video games, has sold over 45 million units since 1996 and spawned a series of successful motion pictures that have grossed over $750 million worldwide. The Resident Evil brand has also expanded into action figures, comic books, novels, apparel, beverages and more. As part of the 15th anniversary, Resident Evil fans will get a chance to celebrate the past, present and future of the franchise with exclusive apparel and merchandise, in addition to games like Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil Code: Veronica X, Resident Evil™: The Mercenaries, Resident Evil™Revelations and other surprises.

For more information stay tuned to www.Capcom-Unity.com. For the latest information and assets, check out the Capcom press centre at www.capcomeuro-press.com

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· 25.03.2011


Обязательно куплю и перепройду. Ибо оно того стоит…


· 27.03.2011


Если будет дисковое издание, то из-за Вероники приобрету :-)


· 27.03.2011


Пока речь только о downloadable


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