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Пара новых скриншотов Amy


Lexis Numérique опубликовали пресс-релиз и два новых скриншота Amy — анонсированной в начале года хоррор-игре, которая будет распространяться через онлайн-сервисы Xbox Live и PlayStation Network. Наконец-то мы увидели девочку с паранормальными способностями по имени Эми, которая будет одной из главных героинь игры.

К слову, на скриншоте можно заметить и монстра.


Champs-sur-Marne, France – 7th April, 2011 – Lexis Numérique, one of the biggest independent game design studios in Europe, has today unveiled more details surrounding the storyline and gameplay balance of AMY. This unique survival game horror title, developed by a team headed by industry veteran Paul Cuisset, will be downloadable exclusively via PlayStation®Network in June.

The game takes place in December 2034 when the gradual effects of global warming have spread diseases and natural disasters around the world. Amid this bleak scenario, the small town of Silver City in the USA’s Midwest suffers a near cataclysmic incident when it is stuck by an unidentified ‘comet’ from outer space. When lead character Lana regains consciousness, her world has descended into mayhem. Violent outbursts, fury, rage, wreckage and death; the world she knew seems to have become a living hell. As if struck by a mysterious virus, most of the people she once knew have now become part of a wild horde. Despite her wounds, Lana must run as far as possible to escape this nightmare. The viral process has also begun inside her but she refuses to become one of them. The presence of Amy, an enigmatic eight-year-old autistic girl with strange powers, who seems defenseless, will force her to make choices that will change both their lives. Both Lana and Amy will have to trust and help each other to escape various pursuers who take the form of infected humans, grisly creatures, military Special Forces and even other survivors.

In AMY players will discover a unique and absorbing gameplay experience that features extensive cooperation with a supporting character. Taking the role of Lana, players will quickly learn that Amy is neither a specialised warrior nor a docile following character. Players will be able to use her small size and weight to reach inaccessible areas, ask her to do specific actions and utilise her mysterious ‘gifts’. But first and foremost, Amy’s trust will need to be won, perhaps even by putting Lana’s life on the line.

This is a story-driven, survival horror game set in a close and tense atmosphere. AMY is based on a rich, addictive and twisted story-based scenario. Strong emphasis has been put in to the characters’ backgrounds and behavior but also on audio, sound design and a very unique use of camera settings to create emotion. AMY is one of the first games on PlayStation®Network to employ a level of detailed rendering, modeling and motion capture animation hitherto expected only from fully boxed product. The game offers an original stealth-action gameplay mix that does include fierce close combat, albeit sparingly. Lana and Amy are for the most part considerably weaker than their enemies, and tactical approaches to enemy encounters can often offer the most suitable solutions. As Lana has become infected by the virus, she too will mutate when exposed too long and will eventually die if not cured or protected by one of Amy’s special powers. But when displaying more viable infection, Lana can lure enemies and move amongst other infected without being attacked.

AMY, is currently being developed at VectorCell studios, under the direction of Paul Cuisset, renowned French developer of classic games such as ‘Flashback’ or the ‘Moto Racer’ series. The game will be available exclusively for the PlayStation®Network in June 2011. To get all the news straight from the studio, please visit the official facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/pages/AMY/214433858573741?v=wall&sk=wall

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· 08.04.2011


Эми — няшечка. Я уже вижу как она силой мысли уничтожает этих монстров-скелетов. С таким-то взглядом ^^


· 08.04.2011


ага няшечка, с резика запилили



· 09.04.2011


Саби, игра вроде как эксклюзив псн.


· 09.04.2011


Да да, ошибся.


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