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Новые скриншоты Unknown


Компания Frictional Games опубликовала пресс-релиз и два новых скриншота из своего нового проекта Unknown. В пресс-релизе разработчик, известный вам по играм серии Penumbra, рассказывает немного о сеттинге игры. События Unknown развиваются в 18-м веке. Главный герой игры оказывается заперт в замке, который был построен в 14-м веке. Разные части замка имеют разную архитектуру, потому что они достраивались позднее. Это отразится и на игровом процессе. Также разработчики сообщают о новом движке для игры.


«Helsingborg, Sweden — May 18, 2009

After over a year of technology development and prototyping we are finally at the tipping point as ideas comes to life on the screen in front of us. With our very first early version of «Unknown» ready, we are more confident than ever that we are on the right track as to what will become a great horror game. With the previous award winning Penumbra series to live up to we have been working hard on coming up with a concept that improves the already winning formula — horror without violence. With «Unknown» we have started from the very beginning — creating a new game engine, development tools, re-thinking and improving the physics interaction, evaluated every little part of Penumbra as to figure out the best way to create the experience.

«Unknown» is a first person survival horror game set in the 18th century. The player is caught in the middle of the unknown as he explores an old castle, dating back as far as the 14th century. With a «hands-on» physics interaction system the player can examine objects and control his surroundings in a way that is unique to the games developed by Frictional Games, for example it’s possible to slowly drag drawers open to examine the inside in search for clues. To be careful is a must as the sanity of the player could quickly falter if inhabitants of the castle were to take notice of him. Different parts of the castle has widely different architecture, reflecting the centuries that has passed since the castle was initially built. Today’s two screens, gives a peak of a more modern part of the castle as well as the older and decaying part of it.

At this stage of development we are confident that we can successfully demonstrate the final game and as such we send out a call to all interested publishers to contact us for their potential and welcome participation in taking this horror experience to the next level. Please visit our website for more information and to contact us through our contact page.»

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