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Кит Харингтон в роли Винсента


Кит Харингтон (Kit Harington) составит компанию актрисе Аделаиде Клеменс на съемках фильма Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. Это знают каждый, кто ждет сиквел к фильму Кристофа Ганса. А теперь режиссер Майкл Бассетт в своем блоге официально подтвердил, что Кит будет играть роль Винсента.

Также подтверждена роль Далии для Деборы Кары Ангер и Гарри Мейсона для Шона Бина. Ничего неожиданного.

Boy, this was a hard week. Shooting in a town standing in for Silent Hill exteriors (the streets they used in the first film, which would have been perfect, have been demolished or renovated so were unavailable) – both night and day sequences. The weather was terrible for us. Heavy snow forced us to give up an entire afternoon and shooting because there was no way to make any of the footage match with what we’d been doing previously. So that’s the truth of the ‘silent hill filming grinds to a halt’ headline that was going around. It means I lost a half day shooting on an already insanely tight schedule and Sean Bean had to stay a day longer to finish his scenes. Then when the snow had moved away, I ended up with brilliant sunshine and blue skies – hardly ideal Silent Hill weather. It was quite depressing at times.

Had Deborah Kara Unger resurrecting Dahlia this week too. What a fabulously committed actress and though her scene was short, she gave it everything and I think it will play well.

Shooting out on the streets of the town put us somewhat in the public eyes. Now there are lots and lots of pictures from the set online now. Security seemed pretty nonexistent on the streets so people were snapping away merrily. Of course, every picture is out of context or representing something entirely unfinished so I’m not terribly concerned about what’s out there now. It’s annoying but whatcha gonna do eh? The long black cloak you can see Adelaide wearing is simply her warm coat she wears between takes and has nothing to do with the actual costume.

As for Kit Harington as Vincent. Well, I knew that would get you all fired up. I’ve never made any secret that this is going to be an adaptation of the game and not a slavish reproduction. So for me I can say that I always found Vincent in the game a fascinating but ultimately redundant character. He’ seemed to me to have no purpose in the narrative other than to offer a counterpoint view of what the Order/Claudia are doing. He is, if you like, the acceptable face of the zealots. His ideas and dialogue are interesting and I wanted to preserve some of that but I also wanted to use him in a more dynamic and interesting way for the film narrative. How it plays out in the movie, you’re simply going to have to wait and see but I don’t think it’s going to be exactly what any of you think. (or maybe it is. I don’t know.) Will some of you hate it? Absolutely. Because it is different. But will others maybe think it’s a neat twist on what you would expect? I hope that too.

Anyway, kinda glad this week is over but there’s still a very long way to go. Back in the studio later in the week for some creepy Otherworld action. Always nice to visit your nightmares once in a while.

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· 28.03.2011


Гм, Шон Бин будет играть мёртвого Гарри, сидящего в кресле?

Майкл Бассетт

· 28.03.2011


Шон вернётся к своей роли.


· 28.03.2011


Майкл Бассетт на Silent Town!1111 1! пРиВеТики МаЙКл!11


· 28.03.2011


Я же сказал, что это будет Винсент!))))


· 28.03.2011


Ванга на Silent Town

Берта (USS)

· 29.03.2011


Имх@ Кит Харингтон не похож на Винсента.


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