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    Голос Джеймса Сандерленда

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    Guy Cihi

    Родился в 1957-м году в Нью-Йорке, США.

    Старый e-mail адрес Гая

    Участвовал в создании Silent Hill 2. Озвучил главного героя игры — Джеймса Сандерленда. Также принимал участие в motion capture.

    О Гае известно не так много. Кроме Silent Hill 2 он не был замечен в каких-либо проектах, будь то видеоигры или фильмы. Фотографий с ним вообще найти почти невозможно. Во время работы над Silent Hill 2 он просил скрывать его лицо на фотографиях, которые Ито делал в студии motion capture.

    Ответ Гая на письмо одного из фанов:

    «Hi Scott,
    Yes, I am the same Guy Cihi. I played James Sunderland in Silent Hill II. Those are my body movements, that's my voice, and the character looks like me, too. So you liked my performance? Thank you! I gave it my best! Are you familiar with how motion capture games like SH2 are made? The most difficult parts were the falls and wipe outs — it hurt for weeks after I taping those. I've received email, over the years, from people on five continents. (My wife always laughs when I tell her, but it makes me feel good to know you liked my performance.) Where are you writing from?

    I suppose there are some stories to tell. Remember Eddie? Of course you do, you're a fan, right? A guy named Dave Schaufele played Eddie. We met on the set. I've lost touch with everyone except for Dave. Both of us live in Tokyo. We see each other a couple of times each month. Remember Maria/Mary? Whoa, what a piece of work she is. I hear she moved to Hawaii. Good riddance.

    Let me know if you have specific questions and tell me a little more about yourself so I'll know better how to respond.

    All the Best, Guy

    PS: How did you get my Harvard Alum email address?


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    Круто. Спс за информацию

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